Christian turns 3!

We celebrated Christian’s 3rd birthday at the Thinkery! Aunt Jodi, Uncle Evan, Grandma Jodi and friends from Christian’s school all joined in the festivities. The cupcakes were a hit. Christian ate four, ‘sans’ frosting of course. We blinked and three years went by.



Sum Sum Summertime!

Holy moly it’s hot! The temperature is rising. The dog days of summer have arrived. What to do with a 2-year old who never stops moving? Here are a few suggestions and pictures for further clarification.

Arts and crafts
Get a haircut
Water park
Rent a boat at Lake Travis & swim (with Grammy too!)
Experiment with playdough
Visit horses
Ride bikes
Help daddy
Enjoy some beautiful sunsets
Sit in our hamoock
Make an airplane
Look cute



As most of you know, Milo went to live with his paternal grandparents. He was with us for the first 3&1/2 months of his life. We are grateful to everyone who loved him with us. We miss him very much but are comforted in knowing that he is with his family now.

We recently moved info a ‘new house’. ‘New house’ is in quotes because as we packed and got ready to move, I prepared Christian by telling him all about our ‘new house’. Christian now calls our house, our ‘new house’. Who knows if or when this will ever change but it sure is cute. Our ‘new house’ is twice the size of our old and has a designated guest room and bathroom so ‘y’all come visit!’.

We took Christian on his first trip to NYC. This was an extra special vacation to join family (meet Grand Uncle John) and see cousin Sarah in Fiddler. Bruce and I also saw Hamilton (awesome) and Book of Mormon. Christian did great on the flight. We’ve decided, as long as we as parents have a say in our vacations, we will choose NYC over Disney.

Christian loves his school and his vocabulary is developing in Spanish and English consecutively. Mom and Dad best step up. Here are some pictures from our NYC trip and recent pictures of Christian at school.


Milo Smiles, Christian flirts

Milo turned 7 weeks January 30 and graced us by showing off his beautiful smile. He starts daycare February 1 with Ms. Ira where Christian attended from 2-18 months.
Christian will be joining Milo back at Ms. Ira's when his school is on vacation. Christian is all 'boy'. Trucks, cars, buses, planes anything with wheels and of course rocks... he loves school and seems to have become a bit of a ladies man.
With 2 boys, 3 cats, a dog, a mama and a papa our living quarters are feeling a bit cramped. Exploring options for renovations or a move...standby on this.

December 2015 Family Pictures

We had Milo's new born pictures taken over Christmas when Grammy Ann and Grandma Jody visited. Here is a sampling of some of our favorite...even Pebbles made an appearance.



Milo had his 1 month check up on Monday and was 9.2 lbs. Today he weighed in at 9.11 only 4 days later. He is hitting all milestones and growing like a weed! We (Bruce & Jayne) have been alternating the overnights. Milo sleeps 2-3 hours at a time; rock star daddy is doing equal bottle time! Milo's dark brown big and bright eyes are open more and more throughout the day. He loves to sleep outside on the porch in his stroller. Christian at 22 months is a bundle of explosive energy. Everyday his vocabulary seems to increase with a combination of Spanish and English works. We (Jayne and Christian) were reading the Big Truck Book a few days ago and he read out loud, 'farmer, fire truck, tractor, police truck'...he loves legos, cars and trucks but prefers to play outside whenever possible. At school he has two girlfriends, Kennedy who is in his class and with him in the early mornings and Simone who is 'older' and with him in the late afternoons. Christian gets along with everyone and I've had quite a few parents tell me that Christian is their child's favorite person to play with. Proud Mama! Christian is very sweet with Milo. He gives him kisses and is learning to have a gentle touch. He is a great big brother.

Milo’s 1 month birthday

Milo turned 1 month on December 8 and in keeping with tradition we celebrated with cup cakes! We are scheduled able to begin legal adoption proceedings in May. We hope Milo will be an official 'Moore' this summer.nn

Welcome Home Milo

Milo was born on December 11, 2015 in Waco, Texas. We met him on December 13th and he came home with us on December 15th. Milo's birth parents felt that Milo might be better off with another family as they are not in a position to provide the life for him that he deserves. We do not know Milo's parents names but do know his birth father is Nigerian and his mother is Caucasian. Since there is no known family, we will only have to wait 6 months to legally adopt Milo. Milo is our Christmas angel. We'll continue to post pictures and updates on our blog. We will not post any pictures or information on social media until Milo officially becomes Milo Trubey Moore. We hope this will be May 24, 2016 when we have our permanency hearing.

Elgin Tree Farm

Elgin Tree Farm

We headed off to Elgin Tree Farm this morning to get our Christmas Tree. Christian found it; good thing as Bruce and I can never agree on the perfect tree. We are not sure it will fit in the house but it is beautiful!

This is life

Welcome Michaela Rodriguez into our family. A week before Michaela joined us we had fall pictures taken. Here are a few of our favorites.
Here's the PS on this post. Michaela was only with us for 2 weeks. She went to live with her grandparents. CPS (social services) did a home study and found Michaela's grandparents to be an excellent option for her. We fell in love with her but are thankful she has immediate family who will be able to give her all the support she needs.

Fall is almost here!

It is probably about this time every year when I start to complain hourly about the hot temperatures. It's October and it's 95 degrees out! Thankfully the weather turned this past week and afforded us a sampling of what is sure to be a beautiful, yet short lived fall! Christian and I had a playdate at The Wildlife Center last week. The family gardens are beautiful and offer a myriad of different play areas. Christian's favorite was the sandbox and the maze of tree branches. This weekend, we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We ventured to Barton Farms, to check out the activities. The website described a fabulous pumpkin patch, animals, a cow train ride and a corn maze. We would have been well served to enjoy the pictures as the actual experience was over rated. We did enjoy sharing a bag of kettle corn while listening to music. We ended up stopping by a pumpkin patch 5 minutes from our house on the way home and scored! The sun was setting so the lighting was brillant and the selection of pumpkins was perfect. Happy fall all!

Labor day weekend 2015 – Christian is 18 months

Labor day weekend - HOT HOT HOT! Friday - play date with Emily, Steve, Elly, Leo & Coco (their dog). Pizza, kiddie pool, splashing and lots of fun. Saturday, swimming at the Y and an afternoon dip at home (kiddie pool got lots of use). Sunday, "Locomotion", an indoor toddler and kid friendly playscape (where mommy swore she'd never go...) but at least there was air conditioning. Monday, Christian is 18 months old!!! How did this happen?!? First stop of the day - cheering Grandma Jody over the finish line of the Austin Triathlon (way to go!). Still 105 degrees (oh my). Home to put on Texas attire and help Daddy in the garage with some projects. A quick dip in the kiddie pool followed by the only way to dress on a hot day... in a birthday suit!!!


Lady Bird Johnson wildlife center has a great new family garden area. We visited today and enjoyed the seasonal bluebonnets.