Christian Turns 1!

3/7/15 started off a lot calmer than 3/7/14! Mom, Dad, & C loaded up the car and headed over to the Austin Children's Museum aka "the Thinkery". If you're local and haven't gone, you should, it's amazing and fun for all ages including 45 year old IT professionals. Aunt Jodi & Uncle Evan flew in from Sacramento to join us and we also had Grandma Jody, Uncle Steve, Aunt Emily in attendance, along with many other special friends and loved ones. A fun time was had by all, especially our little one year old Birthday boy who had CAKE for the first time and promptly spit it out... guess he's used to all of the healthy food his Mom feeds him... plenty of years ahead to develop that taste, C! 😉

Christian’s First Haircut!

With Christian's 1st Birthday fast approaching, we decided it was high time to hit the baby barbershop for his very 1st haircut!

Happy Holidays from Jayne, Bruce, & Christian!

We are so grateful to Grammy Ann, Aunt Jodi, & Uncle Evan for flying down to Austin to celebrate Christmas with us this year! We also had a chance to catch up with Grandma Jody, Auntie Lee, Uncle Michael, and Grandmother Wanda. Christian had a great time opening all of his presents and asked us to thank everyone who helped make his first Christmas so magical!

Christian’s Day Care Christmas Party!

Mom & Dad joined C and his whole crew at day care for their Christmas Party Extravaganza! If the pictures look a little blurry, it's probably because the kids were hopped up on Christmas cookies and an overabundance of holiday cheer!

Playdate with Roman

Swimming with Auntie Jodi!