As most of you know, Milo went to live with his paternal grandparents. He was with us for the first 3&1/2 months of his life. We are grateful to everyone who loved him with us. We miss him very much but are comforted in knowing that he is with his family now.

We recently moved info a ‘new house’. ‘New house’ is in quotes because as we packed and got ready to move, I prepared Christian by telling him all about our ‘new house’. Christian now calls our house, our ‘new house’. Who knows if or when this will ever change but it sure is cute. Our ‘new house’ is twice the size of our old and has a designated guest room and bathroom so ‘y’all come visit!’.

We took Christian on his first trip to NYC. This was an extra special vacation to join family (meet Grand Uncle John) and see cousin Sarah in Fiddler. Bruce and I also saw Hamilton (awesome) and Book of Mormon. Christian did great on the flight. We’ve decided, as long as we as parents have a say in our vacations, we will choose NYC over Disney.

Christian loves his school and his vocabulary is developing in Spanish and English consecutively. Mom and Dad best step up. Here are some pictures from our NYC trip and recent pictures of Christian at school.


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  1. Great photos. My favorite is still the one with the ginormous pretzel! 🙂 I know we’re all sad about Milo leaving our family, but you gave him such a great start with so much love at a time when he didn’t have anyone else. That’s an amazing gift, and we were all privileged to be able to share in that in some small way. Love you all lots and lots!!!

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