Welcome Home Milo

Milo was born on December 11, 2015 in Waco, Texas. We met him on December 13th and he came home with us on December 15th. Milo's birth parents felt that Milo might be better off with another family as they are not in a position to provide the life for him that he deserves. We do not know Milo's parents names but do know his birth father is Nigerian and his mother is Caucasian. Since there is no known family, we will only have to wait 6 months to legally adopt Milo. Milo is our Christmas angel. We'll continue to post pictures and updates on our blog. We will not post any pictures or information on social media until Milo officially becomes Milo Trubey Moore. We hope this will be May 24, 2016 when we have our permanency hearing.

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