Fall is almost here!

It is probably about this time every year when I start to complain hourly about the hot temperatures. It's October and it's 95 degrees out! Thankfully the weather turned this past week and afforded us a sampling of what is sure to be a beautiful, yet short lived fall! Christian and I had a playdate at The Wildlife Center last week. The family gardens are beautiful and offer a myriad of different play areas. Christian's favorite was the sandbox and the maze of tree branches. This weekend, we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We ventured to Barton Farms, http://bartonhillfarms.com/ to check out the activities. The website described a fabulous pumpkin patch, animals, a cow train ride and a corn maze. We would have been well served to enjoy the pictures as the actual experience was over rated. We did enjoy sharing a bag of kettle corn while listening to music. We ended up stopping by a pumpkin patch 5 minutes from our house on the way home and scored! The sun was setting so the lighting was brillant and the selection of pumpkins was perfect. Happy fall all!

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