Labor day weekend 2015 – Christian is 18 months

Labor day weekend - HOT HOT HOT! Friday - play date with Emily, Steve, Elly, Leo & Coco (their dog). Pizza, kiddie pool, splashing and lots of fun. Saturday, swimming at the Y and an afternoon dip at home (kiddie pool got lots of use). Sunday, "Locomotion", an indoor toddler and kid friendly playscape (where mommy swore she'd never go...) but at least there was air conditioning. Monday, Christian is 18 months old!!! How did this happen?!? First stop of the day - cheering Grandma Jody over the finish line of the Austin Triathlon (way to go!). Still 105 degrees (oh my). Home to put on Texas attire and help Daddy in the garage with some projects. A quick dip in the kiddie pool followed by the only way to dress on a hot day... in a birthday suit!!!

Christian’s New School (la nueva escuela del cristiano)

Christian dove right in to his Spanish Immersion daycare this week like a champ! With only a few tears shed (mostly by his Mom & Dad), Cristiano comenzó a regar las plantas , jugar en el parque infantil, y asegurar un cambio de vestuario en los primeros 10 minutos de su día ! (Christian began to water the plants, play on the playground, and ensure a wardrobe change in the first 10 minutes of his day!) We were excited and awestruck to see him adapting so well to his new environment and made a pact to work on our Espaniol without the benefit of Google translate. 😉