November 2014 – Christian’s recap

November was a busy month. I turned 8 months.

The weather in Austin started off unseasonably warm and we spent time in the backyard on our new chairs. Finally it cooled off just in time for Auntie Leslie to visit. Perfect nap weather for all of us including the cats. Auntie Leslie and mommy tried to be creative and use my hand to make Santa Christmas ornaments.

Mommy, daddy and I traveled to Marshfield to visit Grammy for Thanksgiving week. Grammy gave me a new bear outfit to wear in the cold weather. It came in quite handy!

We went to the mall to have my picture taken with Santa but he was pretty scary. I preferred to be with mommy and daddy and with all the girls (Aunt Melissa and Peyton, Kim and Sydney). We all had lunch after at California Pizza Kitchen. I had tortilla soup.

Aunt Mimi and Uncle Joey came to visit me and brought me cool new toys. I love presents.

Since Grammy was recovering from hip surgery, she and I hung out a lot. We had breakfast together everyday.

On the day we left it snowed!